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So you’re not sure what a Bath lift is. It’s simple. It is a battery-operated or water-powered seat that aids you in and out of a bath tub without fear of slipping or falling. These fit in a bath tub, going down till the bottom and up to the rim. Some bath lifts also have a transfer board attached to the seat for easier access. The neatest bit is that it can be independently operated.

Bath lifts are usually needed by people with mobility issues or who are physically challenged. Of course, there are many varieties of bath lifts in the market that cater to specifics: battery-operated bath lifts, water-powered bath lifts, inflatable bath lifts, reclining or non-reclining bath lifts and even bath lifts for children.

For those who need a bath life may wonder if it really is worth it. It is! You can enjoy a nice long soak in a tub bath whenever you like. Water is therapeutic after all and why must you deny yourself that pleasure? It is a safe alternative and an offers you independence since you needn’t rely on someone assisting you in and out.

There’s more! Water lifts can be portable and carried around with you when traveling. They also have an option of reclining or non-reclining bath lifts. The reclining bath lifts offer more comfort but may not always be suited to those who need to keep their backs upright.

One last pointer; always remember to check how far down your bath lift can go in a tub. If it goes further, that saves on water consumption and proves to be more comfortable.

Our bath lifts may be exactly what you need. We suggest considering one of the following, the Riviera Transfer Bath Lift, the Archimedes Bath Lift or our best selling Bellavita Bath Lift as featured in the video above. Happy Bathing!


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