Lightweight Aluminium Rollator

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Our most popular Rollator and the one we think it best Value for money. This Great Value Deluxe Rollator is a folding lightweight aluminium rollator with height adjustable handles, locking arthritic loop brakes, a padded seat and a hinged back support. Designed with the end user in mind and built with the feedback from users of rollators of previous editions, this affordable rollator comes complete with an convenient underseat shopping bag to allow for easy transport of handbags and any purchases you may make while out and about.


  • Height adjustable handles
  • Locking arthritic loop brakes
  • Padded seat
  • Back support
  • Underseat shopping bag
  • Folding aluminium frame

Colours Available:

  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Champagne


  • Total Width: 62cm (24")
  • Seat Height: 54.5cm (21")
  • Seat Width - 31cm (12.2")
  • Adjustable Handle Height- 77cms - 91.5cms (30.3" - 36")
  • Solid Tyres: 19cm
  • Max. User Weight - 120kg (21.4 stone)
  • Net weight 8kgs


Walkers & Rollators Max User Weight :
  • 21st
Walkers & Rollators Weight:
  • 7 - 8 kg
Walker & Rollator Type:
  • 4 wheeled rollators


Fantastic quality item, very strong and sturdy yet so light and manoeuvrable. Delivery was super quick. This has been an overall very positive experience.
Ordered on Sunday and arrived today Tuesday, great service. Lightweight and easy to push yet solid. Seat comfortable. Looking forward to lots of walking.
I've upgraded my rollator to this model and have to say its significantly better than the one i was using and cost a fraction of the price I paid for the original one. The item arrived the very next day after ordering which i thought was a very good and speedy service.
I bought this item after a recommendation from the customer support. They were right to go for this new model instead of the same item others have in the nursing home which i originally intended to buy. This item is light weight and extremely easy to steer. I ordered on a Wednesday and it was delivered the following day. I'm a first time customer but already going to be a regular, great service.
This is a brilliant product, makes getting around so easy. Have never bought anything on the internet before but I spoke with a girl on the phone and she recommend this one. It arrived the very next day. Have had it over three weeks now and am absolutely delighted with it.
I bought this item after hearing from a friend how much value she found having a rollator was and that she noticed she was getting out and about more now that she has it.

I had never bought on the internet before and was a bit nervous, but I phoned the customer support phone number and they were helpful taking me through the steps I needed to make.

I thought they would recommend the most expensive model and i was willing to buy the medium priced one, but actually they asked me questions as to why i needed a rollator at all and suggested this model despite being this cheaper option would be the best one for me.

The product arrived the following day. Was easy to get out of the box and assemble. It is very easy to manoeuvre and effortless to turn or go backwards. I'm extremely happy.

One last thing I'd like to say is I don't consider myself old. I thought having a rollator would make me seem a lot older, but now I realise that was being silly and having one makes me more active because I don't hesitate to get out to the shops and visit people. So if you are considering if you need one, I'd suggest not to hesitate as they are brilliant.
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