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Walking Trolley

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This Duo Walking Trolley is very useful around the house for any person of reduced mobility. It is designed to allow easy transfer of items from one place to another.  The trays will each take a load of up to 5kg.  It is designed to allow a natural walking gait and it is height adjustable for your comfort.

The frame has unique dual action sliders: the trolley slides forward when under minimal weight but grips when the user puts their weight through the frame, thereby eliminating the need for handbrakes.


  • Handle Height: 80-90cm (31½ -37½”).
  • Width front: 39.4cm (15½").
  • Width rear: 59-61.1cm (23¼- 24”). 
  • Depth: 46.8-51.5cm (18½ - 20¼”).
  • Tray Capacity 5kg (11lbs).
  • Weight: 6kg (13¼lbs).
  • Height: 89-102cm (35-40").
  • Max user weight: 127kg (20st).


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