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Introducing the 3-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat, a versatile and practical solution designed to enhance bathroom accessibility and comfort for seniors and individuals with mobility limitations. Crafted with durability and user convenience in mind, this raised toilet seat offers a seamless integration of functionality, safety, and ease of use.

  1. Raised Seat: This product elevates the standard toilet seat height, providing added support and comfort for individuals with limited mobility. The raised design reduces the strain on joints and muscles, making it easier for seniors and those with mobility challenges to sit down and stand up from the toilet effortlessly.
  2. Handles: Equipped with sturdy and ergonomically designed handles, this raised toilet seat ensures stability and support during use. The integrated handles provide users with a secure grip, promoting confidence and independence in maintaining personal hygiene routines.
  3. Removable Armrests: For added versatility, this raised toilet seat features removable armrests that offer additional support and assistance as needed. The armrests can be easily installed or detached according to the user's preference, allowing for customizable comfort and convenience.

Easy to install and compatible with most standard toilets, this raised toilet seat requires minimal assembly and maintenance, making it an ideal solution for caregivers and individuals seeking practical aids for daily living. It features a front locking mechanism that clamps the seat in place to ensure a safe and secure fit.

With the 3-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat, users can enjoy improved accessibility, safety, and comfort in the bathroom, empowering them to maintain their independence and dignity with confidence. Whether for aging adults, individuals recovering from surgery, or those with disabilities, this versatile toilet seat offers a reliable solution for enhancing the bathroom experience and promoting overall well-being.

  • 5" raise
  • Weight capacity: 136kg
  • Durable, padded, removable arms
  • Overall Width: 56cm
  • Seat Width: 38cm
  • Weight: 3.8kg

Please note: For hygiene purposes, we do not offer returns or exchanges on this product or similar toiletry aids.


Manual (Raised_Toilet_Seat_SC7060H.pdf, 314 Kb) [Download]

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