Anti-Bedsore Pneumatic Cushion

Anti-Bedsore Pneumatic Cushion
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A single-chamber pneumatic anti-bedsore cushion has been designed to evenly distribute patient’s weight and to adjust the cushion to the current position of the user’s body. 

The cushion is soft, light, easy to transport and clean. 

The product allows full sacrum support on the cushion, reducing pressure on the coccyx and sciatic. 

The cushion prevents bedsores, prevents pain during movement, reduces the risk of skin damage and optimizes tissue relief. 

Connected air-filled chambers are easy to inflate and adjust. 

Note: Product is delivered uninflated, a pump required.

A specially designed structure of air-filled chambers allows air to flow between them, thereby optimizing distribution of body pressure on the cushion. 

Each cushion features a valve to adjust air amount in the cushion, and thus its softness. 


  • Patients with ulcers and pressure sores around hips. 
  • Patients with pelvic rotation or pelvic lesions. 
  • Patients with endoprosthesis. 
  • People in wheelchairs.
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg

Sizes available:

  • Type 1: 44 x 38 x 5cm
    • Small air chambers without the possibility of chamber enlargement
    • 9 rows of 8 air chambers
    • Dimensions of the air chambers: width 4 cm, length 4 cm
    • Net weight: 0.33 kg
    • Material: PVC
  • Type 2: 45 x 39 x 4cm
    •  Low height of air chambers
    • Greater stability thanks to larger and lower chambers
    • 7 rows of 6 air chambers
    • Dimensions of the air chambers: width 6 cm, length 6 cm
    • Net weight: 0.255 kg
    • Material: PVC
  • Type 3: 45 x 39 x 6cm
    • A more deluxe and deep version of the above choices for a more comfortable sitting experience.
    • Relatively high air chambers
    • 7 rows of 6 air chambers
    • More pleasant to touch due to larger and higher air chambers
    • Dimensions of the air chambers: width 6 cm, length 6 cm
    • Net weight: 0.315 kg
    • Material: TPU


User Manual (AT52109_Manual.pdf, 1,398 Kb) [Download]

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