Neoprene Back Support with Stays

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The Avivo Neoprene Back Support with Stays has been designed to provide effective support for damaged muscles and ligaments as well as for weak and unstable joints. It has been manufactured using the optimum thickness of neoprene rubber and nylon laminate in order to maximize comfort and therapeutic effects.
The dual effect of Neoprene rubber helps to retain body heat and provides uniform compression to accelerate accelerates healing, relieve pain and control swelling. It also acts as a prevention through warming and stabilisation of repeat injuries to weakened joints and muscles. Avivo supports are designed to conform to the contours of the body through the use of suitable materials thus providing maximum comfort and protection. Its unique design also helps to avoid slipping and wrinkling of the support during activity


  • Small: 61 - 76cm (24 - 30”)
  • Medium: 76 - 91.5cm (30 - 36”)
  • Large: 91.5 - 107cm (36 - 42”)
  • X-Large: 107 - 122cm (42 - 48”)


Please Note: If you are suffering from a severe condition, or the condition persists, it is recommended that you seek medical advice. Similarly, should you have sensitive skin, or are prone to allergy, it is strongly recommended that you consult your medical practitioner before use.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash in luke warm soapy water and air dry.

Material Content: 80% Neoprene Rubber, 10% Nylon, 10% Cotton