Black Free Standing Commercial Deluxe Automatic Hand Sanitiser / Soap Gel Dispenser

Black Free Standing Commercial Deluxe Automatic Hand Sanitiser Gel Dispenser
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A Free standing version of our most popular commercial hand sanitiser unit. Designed specifically for high foot fall locations such as restaurants, pubs, airports, schools and large offices. This lower power dispenser can dispense up to 80,000 applications on one set of batteries. The large 1L refillable tank allows you to use any sanitiser gel, freeing you from being locked into only using re-fill cartridges like others in its class of dispensers.

Unit size:                    278H ×154L× 100D mm

Automatic soap dispenser treatment pump and bottle

Unit Weight:800g
Power supplier 4pcs Type C Alkaline batteries (sold separately) 
Material:               ABS
Color:              White,black
Installation:wall mounted
Cartridge:Refillable bottle or disposable bag
Working Voltage: DC 6V 1.5A
Static Current:<200 µA
Working Current<350  mA
Sensing distance:1.5~3.0"
Sensing time:<0.3 seconds
Package:8 units/carton
Carton size :      650L×440W×320H mm

Hand Sanitiser gel sold separately.

Please note gel hand sanitiser dispensers do not work with liquid hand sanitiser and must use Gel Hand Sanitiser to dispense correctly. These units are specially designed to work with the Hand Sanitiser Gel we provide. Where customers order liquid sanitiser on the same order as these units it will be shipped, however it will not work with this unit which requires Gel. Please do not purchase Liquid sanitiser for use in this unit.

Please note this dispenser is also suitable for gel soap.

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Works good
Works great, lets you set how much sanitiser to dispense and as a result we find the bulk sanitiser lasts . . .
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