Orthopedic Pillow With Cooling Effect

Orthopedic Pillow With Cooling Effect
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Orthopedic pillow with a cooling effect has a special coating consisting of water-based polymers and phase change materials (PCM). The foam tends to absorb and hold your body heat. As a result, the pillow does not heat up, which results in a good night's sleep. The coating uses a variety of phase change materials (PCMs) that activate at different temperatures, and water-based polymers that have temperature-regulating properties. When body heat comes into contact with the coating, PCMs begin to absorb and release energy based on their specific melting points. Since PCMs absorb heat, a cooling effect is created. This leads to a reduction in temperature fluctuations, creating a more soothing and comfortable sleeping experience.

The cooling effect works immediately and lasts long.

Dimensions: 66cm x 42cm x 11cm

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