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Pill Box With Alarm

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Pill box with alarm to organize medicines and guarantee daily intake, avoiding forgetfulness and mistakes. Each day is divided into 3 compartments to classify morning, afternoon and evening pills.

100% safe material for medical and daily use. In addition, the lockable lid allows you to carry your medicines without fear of the electronic pill box opening in your bag or backpack.

Thanks to its countdown timer of up to 99 hours, the medicine dispenser notifies with a beep the indicated time to take the medicine, avoiding forgetfulness and mistakes.

The size of the pill box with alarm is 120 x 45 x 23 mm.

Recommended for people who need to take several daily medications, as well as for their caregivers and families. This portable pillbox is perfect for programming medication and guaranteeing each dose, ensuring the patient's health and peace of mind.

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