Powered Toilet Lift

Powered Toilet Lift

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1.Powered toilet lifts: This product is suitable for the elderly, pregnant women, hemiplegic, disabled and other people who have inconvenient movements to use the toilet without helping from others. It's suitable for nursing home, rehabilitation centre, hospital wards and families special care needs.

The powered toilet lifts have one squatting pan, caster wheel with locking, magnet controller and poron coat handle bar. Put it over toilet basin. Anti-skip foot mat, and height adjustable you can raise whole chair by adjust it. Seat height can be adjusted from 17.72 in -29.53 in,15° tilted rising mimics the body's movement of standing up. More stable and comfortable , The double push force can reach 200 kg, which meets the requirement of 150 kg body weight.

2.Product features: 1.Adjustable Lifting: Adjustable lifting angle for seat height comfort at different heights. 2.Strong Thrust: Double push strength up to 200kg, satisfying 150kg weight and sitting freely. 3.Safe Voltage :DC 24V safe voltage, ultra-low energy consumption. 4.Silent Operation: The whole process of silent operation ensures the comfort of sitting. 5.Self-protection System: When a unilateral failure occurs, the machine automatically starts the self-protection function and stops running. 6.One-button Reset: After use, long press the switch key to reset with one button, while locking other buttons to ensure safe use.

Inclination angle 15°-16°
Seat height From 45 to 75 cm
Size 57cm width, 65cm length,47cm height
Weight Capacity 150 kg
Rated power 96 W / 2 A
Voltage DC 24 V

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