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Venture Boot Scooter.

The Venture Boot Scooter has been created to offer the purchaser the convenience of a portable scooter combined with the excellent comfort of a larger scooter. Built with a comfort seat that is able to swivel a full 360° to allow the user a simple transfer on and off the scooter independently. With a top speed of 4 mph and a battery that will allow a maximum range of up to 12 miles, gives you the freedom to explorer and travel freely. The Venture Boot Scooter is the obvious choice for running errands as the design includes a helpful storage basket that is detachable when not in use, perfect for holding personal items. The arm rests can both be adjusted to give the most personal and comfortable fit possible. The Venture Boot Scooter has rear anti tip wheels and the anti rollback system that prevents rolling back on inclines, offering the user the safest ride possible. Included within the price is a two years manufacturer's warranty for the scooter. Both the wheels and battery are covered by their own 12 months warranty from date of purchase. 

Product Specification:

  • One Venture Boot Scooter with BLUE accents
  • Top speed of 4mph
  • Supreme comfort seat which is able to swivel 360°
  • Maximum range of 12 miles on full battery charge
  • Easy to remove battery pack fitted with two 20Ah MK airline friendly batteries
  • Front removable storage basket
  • Rear anti tip wheels
  • Automatic electromagnetic brake system
  • Scooter length: 1080mm (42.5")
  • Scooter height: 910mm (36")
  • Scooter width: 480mm (19")
  • Maximum weight capacity: 130 kgs (20 st)
  • Scooter weight: 43 kgs (95 lbs)

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