Barrow Dual Motor Rise & Recliner Chair - Cream

Barrow Dual Motor Rise & Recliner Chair - Cream

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The Barrow Dual Motor Rise & Recliner Chair is designed for individuals who seek the utmost in style, functionality, and support. This chair features a sumptuous cream microfiber upholstery. This sleek and contemporary design that adds an element of elegance to any living space.

At the core of this chair is its dual motor system, offering independent control over the footrest and backrest. With effortless precision, you can adjust each of these components to your desired position, providing a truly personalized and ergonomic seating experience. The rise function of the chair is seamlessly integrated, offering assistance when transitioning from sitting to standing. The powerful OKIN motors smoothly lift the chair, providing stable support and minimizing strain on your joints and muscles. With this feature, you can regain your independence and mobility with ease.

Enhancing your comfort further, The Barrow Dual Motor Rise & Recliner Chair also features an adjustable headrest and lumbar support system. These elements allow you to customize the support and alignment of your neck, head, and lower back, promoting proper posture and reducing tension.

To elevate your convenience, this chair is equipped with an easy to use hand control conveniently positioned for easy access and can be stored at the side of the chair when not in use. With just a touch of a button, you can effortlessly adjust the chair's settings, fine-tuning your seating position to perfection.

Experience the next level of comfort, convenience, and independence The Barrow Dual Motor Rise & Recliner Chair. This exceptional mobility aid empowers you to regain control over your daily activities while adding a touch of elegance to your living space. Embrace the luxury of personalized comfort and enhance your mobility journey with this extraordinary chair.


  • Rise and recliner armchairs are ideal for someone with limited mobility.
  • Two motors run independently to control the back rest and leg rest.
  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Adjustable lumbar.
  • Chair should be placed at least 28 inches away from the wall for daily operation.
  • Handset with fastener, easy to use hand control.
  • High quality OKIN 2 motor.


Seat Width (cm): 48

Seat Depth (cm): 50

Seat Height (cm): 50

Backrest Height (cm): 68

Armrest Height (cm): 15

Overall Height (cm): 108

Overall Width (cm): 90

Overall Depth (cm): 82

Weight Capacity (kg): 165

Material: Microfiber

Colour: Cream

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Easy to clean and comfortable chair
Only bought in June , was delivered quickly, came in a large box, was delivered into the house, I like . . .
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