Folding Handy Reacher with Magnetic Tip

Folding Handy Reacher with Magnetic Tip

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The Folding Handy Reacher with magnetic tip is an excellent product to help reach those out of the way light items and pick up difficult bits and pieces from low down. The magnetic tip allows you to pick up magnetic items from the floor without the need for bending. Handy Reachers are ideal to prevent over reaching and to reduce much pressure on your back, as sometimes experienced when bending over. The unit also folds down for ease of storage and enables the reacher to be used whilst on the move.

  • Help users to pick up/grab light items without the need to bend down
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Folds down to small size
  • Featuring a magnetised tip for retrieving small metallic items
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Magnetic tip allows metal items to be picked up

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Brilliant and very well made item
Hany device to use, very well made not like the identical ones made of plastic so your getting your moneys . . .
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Purchased this item from the Mobility Shop. Very pleased with it exactly what I wanted as i had hurt my . . .
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