Car Door Grab Bar with Flash Light

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 A Lightweight, strong and durable design can withstand weight of up to 350llbs (160kg). Make life so much easier getting in and out of cars with this little sturdy and robust gadget. 
  • Built in super-bring LED flashlight assists when there is less daylight and can last 100,000 hours (uses 2 x 3V CR2032 Batteries - included).
  • Portable grip can double up as an "Accident Emergency Tool". It has a built-in seat belt cutter and hammer feature to break glass in case of emergencies.
  • Get in and out of your car with ease! The non-slip grip Car Cane securely hooks directly into the door latch of your car allowing you to get a steady grip when you need it.

Please note this unit is suitable for most cars however it is not suitable for Citroen and Peugeot cars.


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