Orthopaedic Cane with Marble Handle

Black Folding Escort Cane
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A very comfortable and supportive orthopaedic cane to fit the left hand.  The 'Relax-grip' handle spreads the user's weight across the palm of the handle, and is often of great benefit to sufferers of hand problems such as arthritis and rheumatism, as well as those who need to hold a stick in their hand for long periods of time.  The acrylic handle is an attractive cream marbled colour, smooth and comfortable to the touch.  

The aluminium shaft is an attractive bronze-brown shade and is fitted with a non-slip brown rubber ferrule and a smart, copper-coloured collar. Ferrule diameter 19mm. The overall height of the cane can be adjusted from 77-102cm (approximately 30-40").  

This cane is also available in a right hand model, and the canes are often bought and used in pairs, one in each hand.    

Item weight is 440g.

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The cane looks lovely and the user, my mam, absolutely delighted with it. She loves the hand piece at the . . .
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