Premium Telescopic Channel Ramp [CLONE]

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The Ultralight Telescopic Channel Ramp is suited for those that need unlimited adjustability. The adjustable length makes these ramps extremely versatile and very compact to store and transport.


  • Please note that those channel ramps are not suitable for mobility scooter.
  • Maximum gradient = 1 in 6 although 1 in 8 is recommended
  • 117cm - 290cm Telescopic Length
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Unique design enables incredible grip
  • Silent telescopic mechanism allows the ramp to be used at any length
  • Safety clip prevents opening when stored 
  • Aerospace technology ensures incredible strength yet lightweight ramps 
  • Perfect for curbs and steps
  • 250kg capacity 

Size Available:

  • One Size:
    • 117cm Min. Length
    • 290cm Max. Length
    • 18cm Width 
    • 250kg Capacity
    • 3 Part Ramp.