Peanut Rehabilitation Ball

Peanut Rehabilitation Ball

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The ball can be used for general development exercises, correction of postural defects and rehabilitation of the spinal. It is used for training and fitness. 

Our Peanut Rehabilitation ball is intended for:

  • Correcting posture defects 
  •  In therapy aimed at improving condition and coordination of movement 
  • Strengthening of the back muscles 
  • Support for spine mobility 
  • Increasing joint mobility 
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and equivalent exercises 
  • Exercises in spine disorders 
  • Exercises in neurological disorders Rehabilitation ball „Peanut” is made of a special material that ensures an even, Slow loss of air, even with violent mechanical damage of the ball, prevent its rupture and sudden loss of air. In addition, the material provides good adhesion balls to the ground (not slipping). 
  • Silver color 


  • 50 x 100 cm 
  • Maximum load: 180 kg 
  • Material: PVC 

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