SAFE WALK elbow crutch

SAFE WALK elbow crutch
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SAFE WALK elbow crutch 

  • Maximum strength with a minimal weight (450 g), made of high quality aluminium. 
  • In full compliance with the European norm ISO 11334-1.
  • Tested up to 130 kg. 
  • Painted with epoxy coating. 
  • Patented Backbone Structure system for rigidity, strength and safety. 
  • Innovative technical solutions for silent use. 
  • Height adjustable. Length from 680 to 990 mm (14 positions, 25 mm apart). 
  • Patented lock mechanism for safety.

Support system: 

  • Ergonomic forearm design with aero ventilation for enhanced comfort. 
  • Anti-rotation device for safety. 
  • Patented detachable cuff for quick replacement if worn. 
  • Available in multiple colours. 

Crutch base: 

  • Due to the unique shape and use of ultramodern materials, the base prevents slipping and ensures maximum contact and adhesion even when the crutch is inclined at a significant angle. 
  • Unique design and materials used absorb a shock generated when placing the crutch on the ground. 
  • Equipped with an anti-perforation system. 
  • Easy replacement.  

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